Summer look book 2020

Before going through Summer Look Book 2020 we all know that summer is the hottest weather out of all-weather. At this time the nature is full of bright colors sun shines so brightly, everything around is so flourishing, flowers are blooming and the nature telling us to go outdoors. Everyone loves summer because of its seasonal fruits, holidays (the most loved thing in summers). It is the best time to go and enjoy the vacations with family or friends. The best season to spend time near the sea and sunbathing. It is the best time to go on picnics with Family and Friends playing outdoor sports.

Due to the warm weather in summers, everyone loves to wear comfy and light clothes to make themselves comfortable.

The Summer features a lot of eye-catchers and new vibrant colors that are comfortable and make you comfy in the summer weather.

With my look book, I will take you on a short trip through the new Summer Look book 2020. Whether going to a college, visiting the mall or market in the city center or a day out with friends, you should always be rightly dressed.

Take a look at the pictures and get an inspiration for your summer outfit through this Summer Look Book 2020:

  • Palazzo Pants Outfit

Palazzo pants are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather like in summer. You can never go wrong with palazzo pants as they can go with any of your t-shirts or crop tops.

 “Your Summer outfits are more effective that all of your antidepressants.”



  • Short with Tee Outfit

Shorts are very common to be warn in summers by both men and women. They are very comfortable during the hot weather. In fact everyone loves to wear shorts.

“Summer’s is in the air baby;  heaven’s is in your eyes.”

  • Long tee with Denim Outfit

Long tees are quietly in trend now a days. You can never go wrong with long tees and denim jacket on it. It is quite fashionable and is very comfy to wear. You can also wear them at small gatherings (i.e. Going out with friends, beachy day).Also this is my favorite outfit to wear during summers.


 “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress ;

Dress attractively and they remember the women.”


  • Skirt and Top Outfit

The most beautiful outfit of the day (top and skirt). We all know every women loves to wear skirts. This is the most beautiful outfit to wear to the parties, or some occasions. They can go with any top you wear. Your never worn top can look beautiful just by adding skirt with it. I know most of the girls love this type of outfits.

 “Never underestimate the power of good outfit on a bad day.”



  •  Ruffle Outfit

Ruffle dress with flowers on it is the pure summer vibe outfit. It is so flowy and comfy and beautiful to wear. You can also wear it on your beach days as you will feel very comfortable in it. It gives you more like beachy vacations vibe.

Sky above our head Sand beneath our feet, Life is good.”

“Fashion is not something that exists in the Dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, on the streets.

It is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”